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    If it were possible for me to love Dora more than ever, I am sure

    actuated by no mercenary considerations; few men are less so, I

    He had drank wine that evening (or I fancied it), until his eyes

    have not done so already; and they will have good reason to be

    It's really good to be three years old.

    was standing in the garden, where she let mine go, and drew hers

    boys of my own age, apart from all companionship but my own

    I explained to Traddles that there was a difficulty in keeping

    David Copperfield

    itself, on the sixth day of my flight, did it desert me But then,

    David Copperfield

    remembrance of, while I remember anything: and the recollection

    ‘I wanted to know,’ I said, trembling, ‘if you would buy a jacket’

    useful friend; since nobody dared to annoy one whom he

    rhapsodical style, I am afraid, urged my request strongly;

    ‘I declare I’ll make Jip bite you!’ said Dora, shaking her curls, ‘if

    reappeared before me in my sleep When I had groped my way,

    it came into circulation principally on account of her sometimes

    and now he throws his eye sideways down our lane, and we all

    may possibly have some idea, Miss Trotwood, of abetting him in

    instrument of umbly serving him, and he puts me on an eminence

    to stick to the subject on account of having no other subject ready,

    replies ‘I hope so too It’s a satisfaction to know that she’ll wait for

    said Uriah, very slowly, as he stretched out his cruel-looking hand

    wine from the stale leavings at the bottoms of several small

    and happy course

    David Copperfield

    the card on very much to my satisfaction, when I felt myself

    what put marriage in your head?’

    out at the door and beckoned me in


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